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“Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their lives.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Enabling children to flourish and succeed

Collective Worship

As a Church of England Primary School, Collective Worship is an integral part of every day in school for all staff and children. It is a time when the whole school comes together to learn, listen, reflect and pray. Our worships are invitational, inclusive and inspirational.


The main focus of our worships are the four values which form the fundamental ethos of our school:

Friendship: we show friendship by looking out for one another and sharing our love! We can help and take care of one another.

Respect: respect is treating others how you want to be treated. If you want to show respect, you should know everyone is unique and different. We show respect to everyone and everything.

Forgiveness: when someone has done something bad to you they say sorry. To forgive them means you didn’t hold it against them anymore. You let it go.

Perseverance: we demonstrate perseverance through continued effort. Even though, we may have to overcome difficulties; find things hard and keep trying.


Weekly Worship

We use suggestions from the Diocesan Board of Education when planning worship themes, which we adapt for our children. Our worship focuses on a different theme each week. Reflection posters are created and displayed in all rooms to reinforce the key messages of the collective worship. We always have a Christian value that links our weekly worship, with clear aims and Biblical references to help children understand the language of worship. 


Collective Worship Leaders

Collective worship is held daily.  They are led by either teachers, children or visitors. Our collective worship leaders are our Year 6 pupils who take it in turns to prepare the hall.  They prepare the worship table; light candles; play music; prepare hymns and create a spiritual ambience in order to receive children and staff. Following our daily act of worship, our worship leaders monitor and reflect upon the spiritual content and the focus of our collective worship.


Open the Book

Every fortnight, we enjoy a special collective worship called ‘Open the Book’, led by members of the local community. They use Bible stories as inspiration and link their collective worship with our weekly theme. They then read and act out stories and often encourage the children to join them in acting these stories out as they are narrated. The children always enjoy the opportunities they get to dress up and narrate parts of these stories together!


Hymn Practice

Time to learn hymns (which are another form of worship) and discuss their meaning is built in to our weekly schedule.


Children’s Collective Worship

Older children plan, prepare and lead a collective worship each week. They choose from a wide range of foci including Christian values, character muscles, equity and British values.  They enjoy presenting PowerPoints, choosing hymns and holding quizzes. They encourage children of all ages to become involved through role play and sharing their opinions. They write prayers and often have a story or reading from the Bible. These collective worships are very memorable and everyone looks forward to them.


Special Collective Worship

Every fortnight, our families are invited to attend our special collective worship.  The opportunity to meet up as a community is highly valued.


Diverse Collective Worship

Every fortnight, one of our acts of worship builds upon the weekly focus through a wider lense. These worships teach children explicitly about the 9 protected characteristics and offer opportunities for deep reflection and discussion. 


Please see our Collective Worship Plans for more details about the content of the worships.


Our Collective Worship policy fulfils the statutory requirements common to all schools, according to the 1988 Education Reform Act (and consolidated in the 1996 Education Act). It also fulfils the Diocesan requirements for a voluntary controlled church school which states that worship will be Christian in content with an Anglican emphasise.