Performing Arts

At Redmile, we place the children at the centre of their learning, development and experiences, and our Performing Arts curriculum does exactly that!

We aspire to provide the children with countless opportunities to develop new and existing skills, deepen their passions and gain confidence and enjoyment in performance.

The Arts are a unique form of communication and can influence the way in which we feel, think and behave. They combine feelings and expression, thus enabling reflection and personal growth. We believe in the power this can have on guiding children to understand themselves and the world around them.

We offer every opportunity possible to our children to ensure they receive the education and school experience they deserve. We are very proud of our performing club (known as Glee Club), in which a group of children lead their friends in teaching dances, songs or short plays. As well as this, our ‘Redmile’s Got Talent’ show each term enables our children to show their skills and talents (ranging from ballet to yo-yo tricks) to their peers. These performances really do show just how talented these young individuals are!


We believe that the teaching of Music develops pupils’ listening and appraising skills, as well as their appreciation of music worldwide. Not only this, but the growth in confidence and personal skills demonstrated by our pupils just reinforce the love of music which flows through our school.

Our music lessons introduce and explore a range of different genres and composers of music, whilst providing opportunities to listen, compose and perform.

We embrace opportunities for our children to sing (both within school and around the community), such as assemblies, musical productions, concerts and church services. Every year, we join together with other schools around the Vale to perform in the Vale Choral concert at Belvoir High School, bringing nearly 200 voices together – another memory which will not be forgotten!

All children take part in weekly music lessons, sometimes taught by a specialist music teacher. We learn about music from the past, as well as enjoying popular culture in the current music charts. Songs and skills are shared with the rest of the school through various assemblies and performances. Many children learn to play musical instruments at school, such as violins or drums, and we love to share their experiences with them. We’ve even had a crash-course in Drumba!

Years 3 and 4 performing at the Melton Christmas lights switch-on.
Class 3 performing their ukulele songs at the Harvest Festival.

Years 3 and 4 at the Vale Choir performance.
A group of our wonderful violinists.

Our drummers love to rock out!
Group drumming sessions help us learn to play as a band.

We wear headsets and drum along to our favourite pop songs.
Drumming together, having fun.


Our Christmas show in 2016.

Drama is an area in which many of our children develop a particular passion. As part of our varied and creative curriculum, we revel in the chance to use drama, both inside and outside lesson time. Drama enables children to reflect on emotions, behaviour and interactions, whilst simultaneously allowing them to immerse themselves in another reality.

We love to show off our drama skills to our families and friends! We hold two annual performances, in which every child in the school is able to act, dance and sing (and more!) as part of a whole school performance. Through our most recent Christmas performance of ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’ we were able to raise an amazing £205.17, which was donated to the children’s chosen charity 'Help for Heroes'.

“There is something so special about seeing the little ones dressed up in their costumes for the first time, and nothing makes me prouder than to see how far the older ones have come over the years: their confidence blossoming, still game for a laugh and still managing to look cute!” (Mrs Hopkins at our Christmas performance in 2016).

As well as our own school shows, we love to travel around and watch professional performances (although they’re never as good as ours!). The Christmas pantomime is always one of the highlights of the year – oh yes it is!


Dancing at the Melton Dance Show at Brooksby Theatre.

Many of our children really shine in the art of dance. Once a week, our specialist dance teacher comes in to school to teach new skills and routines to the children, who are keen to learn and perform to others.

As always, we grab every opportunity that comes our way, and our children get the chance to perform their dances in professional theatres. These once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for our children really inspire and generate such an outstanding level of enthusiasm and confidence, as well as creating memories which families will never forget!